22 February 2015

Academy Award for Best Original Song 2015

"Everything Is Awesome" by Tegan & Sara & The Lonely Island from The Lego Movie

written by Shawn Patterson

This would have been SUCH a good song without The Lonely Island's involvement. Their part is a reductive version of "America, Fuck Yeah", and it just feels exhausting, laborious, and obnoxious at this point. Tegan and Sara are great, though, as is the driving synth instrumentation.

"I'm Not Gonna Miss You" by Glen Campbell from I'll Be Me

What an odd but sweet little song. It's written from the perspective of a man who is glad that he's dying before his wife dies, so that he doesn't have to miss her. Seems a tad inconsiderate of her feelings, but whatever. It's the thought that counts. Good vocal performance from 78-year-old Campbell and good use of relatively minimal instrumentation.

"Glory" by Common & John Legend from Selma

This song's power lies in the connections it makes between today's headlines and those from 1963. There are many Americans who foolishly think we live in a "post-racial" society (whatever that means) and art like this is a direct rebuking of that idea. As expected, flawless vocals from Legend and flow from Common.

"Lost Stars" by Adam Levine from Begin Again

written by Danielle Brisebois and Gregg Alexander

YAWN. Isn't everyone sick of Adam Levine's crap yet? He's been doing the same thing for 10 years. Can we agree as a society to move on? And what happened to you, Danielle Brisebois? You used to make such incredibly cool music!

my pick for the Oscar...

"Grateful" by Rita Ora from Beyond The Lights

written by Diane Warren

Diane Warren has been nominated seven times for this award but has never won it. It's time. Nearly 30 years into her career, she's still writing flawless pop melodies that transcend audio -- you actually feel her songs in your chest. Rita Ora was a perfect choice to sing this song about reflecting on one's hardships and appreciating the person you've become as a result of them. Here's hoping tonight leaves you grateful, Diane.