05 February 2009

"my life would suck without you" || kelly clarkson || 2009

Upon seeing the cover to the single release of this song about a month ago, Kelly Clarkson finally got my attention. I wasn't ignoring her per se, in fact, I think she has one of the top 5 voices in current pop music, but I never found any of her songs relatable as a college-aged male.

I waited with bated breath to hear the actual song, though, since amusing single covers don't necessarily make good songs. Luckily, this was most definitely not the case.

The song delivered, and I'm very pleased. It only takes one listen to figure out the feeling that Kelly is describing, and if it's something that you've seriously felt before, you already know what she's talking about just from the song's title.

The music is very effective in carrying the lyrical buildup. The lyrics and music both begin with a soft, pensive and almost disappointed tone, as Kelly's lover has just re-entered her life. She seems frustrated. When the chorus hits, the music builds up and the lyrics convey an internal emotional explosion. It's perfect sync.

Nice work, Kelly, and since you've named your new album after this track, I have high expectations. Don't let me down!



Anonymous said...

That's Kellys single cover, not album cover. The album is called 'All I ever wanted'.

I'm liking the new track as well!!

Maxwell K said...

Thanks for the info! I got the album title straight from the info on her YouTube upload of the video:

"Kelly Clarkson My Life Would Suck Without You from the album My Life Would Suck Without You (C) 2008 19 Recordings Limited"

Anonymous said...

Maxwell, they have it wrong on the youtube video (funny too, because that's her official channel, lol) But, they have it on her official site as "all I ever wanted"

and here is the deluxe version at Amazon: