03 May 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 93. zeigeist - "dawn/night"

Swedish music/art project Zeigest formed in 2006. They started out as a menagerie of musicians, artists, and fashionistas, focusing on sharp, dark electronic music and elaborate live performances. The following year, they released their only album, The Jade Motel.

My favorite expression for this kind of music is "hard candy" -- light on the ears, but having some quality that is gruesome, grotesque, or macabre. I love the juxtaposition of airy synth motifs over lyrics like "your dead meat taste like piss."

I wish I could have seen one of their notoriously extravagant live performances before they called it off, but Sweden certainly wasn't in my college student budget. Thus is life.

Also of note: Check out their unusual yet excellent cover of Kylie Minogue's "Giving You Up."