29 May 2008

"big butt" || bobby jimmy & the critters || 1985

Where do I even begin with this song?

It's an early hip-hop song about a guy with a fat ass.

I mean, is there really much analysis to be done here? Probably not, but that's what I do, so let's proceed.

Our giant-posteriored friend's first dilemma is the very small seat into which he must cram his fat ass when an attractive young woman (who seems inexplicably interested in our hero) asks him to "come have a seat." Our poor friend's giant ass shatters the chair. I suppose that's happened to all of us at some point, right?

Next, we learn of our friend's problems on the bus. Apparently, his wide posterior causes the very asympathetic driver to charge his giant ass for two seats. A relatable problem, I suppose.

Finally, we learn of his inability to squeeze out of the elevators at the stadium where the L.A. Raiders play. To make matters worse, the hot dogs he's purchased at the concessions stand are making him gassy! A typical quandary for all of us when we go to the ballpark.

Okay, enough of my overbearing and outdated sarcasm. Bobby Jimmy is hilarious. His tunes are indicative of an era when not all rappers took themselves so seriously and considered themselves either kings among men or social philosophers. Songs like this certainly help prove my point that today's rap is completely tainted by the narcissism of rappers. Seriously, why can't we have rap songs like this anymore?

Is anyone besides me ready for a revival of '80s electro? I've been ready for quite some time.

Come on rappers, if you're with me, start the revolution! I'll be on the front lines! Not as a rapper, of course, but I'll carry the torch with the best of you.


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