12 May 2008

"nth degree" || morningwood || 2006

A guy that I used to work with in radio told me that this song reminds him of the theme music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I think that comparison may be a bit dramatic, but he's certainly not far off base.

This song is the kind of cutesy pop-rock that you can sing along to the chorus with after only having heard it once. What makes this track exceptionally delicious, however, is its risqué lyrics; this definitely isn't a track to sing along to with your parents in the car.

Another plus: This band is an absolute blast live. When I saw them a couple of years ago in Austin, TX, a girl in the audience made singer Chantal Claret mad, and Chantal spent the next two songs reaming her in between verses. It was an absolute riot!

Morningwood is the kind of sexy rock music that's great to listen to while driving, dancing, or gettin' busy. Hopefully not all three at the same time, though.

NOTE: If you recognize at least three of the album covers that they're making fun of in the video, you are a NERD. And I probably think you're hot. Congratulations.

Listen to it here.

Available On:
MorningwoodCapitol7243 8 64753 2 9CD