23 April 2008

"everything about you" || ugly kid joe || 1992

Everyone has a soft spot for music that reminds them of their childhood. As adults (or even older teenagers), a lot of people may grow fond of songs that they didn't like as a kid, simply because the song reminds them of being a kid. This song isn't a specific example of that for me, because I didn't know it when I was a kid; I was 20 when I first heard it. However, this is NOT the kind of music that I was listening to until 1992; in fact, I'm pretty sure my favorite artists at that time were The Bangles and Rick Astley. But hearing this song instantly throws me back to that era.

Alt-rock was extremely cool in the mid-1990s, and I don't mean cool-popular, I mean cool-quality. The stuff was such a far cry from the Top 40 music of that time, which if you ask most people was also very high-quality. This was just a great era for music in general.

College radio did a lot for artists like Ugly Kid Joe. In fact, if you think back to your own personal favorite alt-rockers from the early 1990s, I'm willing to bet that they were first played on college radio. Let this be a lesson to you: Listen to your local college radio station. You'll know about your new favorite band months, even years before your friends and everyone else do.

The lyrics to this track make me smile. Any guy who's ever dated a really annoying girl will appreciate them, and may even wish that you'd recited a verse or two to her. Hell, maybe you already did, and if you're still alive to tell your story, I'd love to hear it.

The greatest moment of the song comes right near the very end, with the singer's final belt of the song's title.

I'm very curious to hear what my blog buddy over at The End Of Hard Rock thinks of this song.

Listen to it here.

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