16 April 2008

"crimewave" || crystal castles vs. health || 2008

Very rarely do I get the chance to brag about a cool track that's current, so rest assured that when the opportunity arises, I'm all over it.

Crystal Castles are a glitch/chiptune group from Canada. They've just released their self-titled debut album, which includes this awesome track.

HEALTH is a noise rock group from Los Angeles, and from what I can gather, they originally wrote and performed the song "Crimewave." Crystal Castles then either remixed, covered, or made a mashup of it with one of their songs; I still haven't quite gathered the logistics of how this Crystal Castles version came to be. But I can tell you one thing for sure: It's the coolest piece of glitchy electro music with chiptune overtones that I've ever heard.

I hope to hear more from these guys in the near future, and I'm glad that music like this is getting attention from today's youth and not being written off as soulless electronica. This may be proof that the rock revolution is stagnant for the moment, and we're sending the synths and drum machines to the forefront to play.

I'm game.

Listen to it here.

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