01 April 2008

"that boy freud" || pobi || 1993

Oh man. Is it any wonder why I look back so fondly on the early '90s? Songs like this just bring a huge smile to my face.

The whole euro house movement was just damn silly. There is absolutely nothing serious at all about this style of music, and back in the '90s people couldn't get enough of it! Maybe it's just because Clinton was the President, so we all just kicked back and had a goofy-ass decade. For the life of me I can't understand why the '80s are seen as so ridiculous, and everyone just overlooks the '90s completely. I can remember girls in my class in middle school talking about how stupid '80s fashion was, as they re-laced their Doc Martens and re-tucked their army-green cargo pants over them while re-checking their metallic silver nail polish. "Please, babydoll," I now reflect to myself, "you look like you're either an employee at Area 51 or a laser tag arena."

I digress. Sure, the fashion that coupled with the massive euro house craze was ridiculous, but the music was still awesome. I can still go to parties and crank songs like this one, and everyone dances without a second thought. Euro house was probably the first really accessible dance music that people my age remember, as it was starting to get big right as we started listening to popular music.

I absolutely love this Pobi track, as it's a shining example of how goofy euro house music can be. And who wouldn't want to dance to a song about Siggy Freud? I was hooked immediately after hearing the first lyrics, and I think you will be too.

I don't know much about her other than what my good friend Nasty G posted in his entry about her over at The Isle Of Failed Pop Stars. To summarize: She's Canadian, and at some point in the '90s she dated Mark Wahlberg. Nice.

Listen to it here.

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Nasty G said...

Hilarious! The song I pointed out as being the most ridiculous made your blog! LOL Long live Pobi!