30 March 2008

traxxlisting #1 :: hottest all-girl groups

I'm introducing a new feature to the blog today: Traxxlisting. It's pretty much a Top 7 list of whatever I feel like counting down on that day. I'm starting with a simple topic for the first list:

Top 7 Hottest All-Girl Groups

  1. The Spice Girls

  2. Yeah, I mean they pretty much had to make the list. No guy my age didn't get through middle school without picking a favorite. Mine was Baby at the time, but as an adult now I must say that Sporty had a much better voice and is honestly quite the looker as well.

  3. Fem 2 Fem

  4. I'm aware that they're lesbians. Why the hell do you think they made the list? Seriously, hotness.

  5. The Flirts (10¢ A Dance Lineup)

  6. I wish I could find a real photo of the ladies from The Flirts, but this odd album cover caricature will have to do. They're hot because they have this strangely awesome combination of being hot chicks that look like they can hold their own in a fight. I, for one, find this incredibly attractive.

  7. All Saints

  8. Definite hotness here as well. They're definitely '90s chicks, but I'm okay with the cargo pants / metallic silver nail polish look.

  9. Dream (Original Lineup)

  10. Remember Dream? They had a semi-hit with the song "This Is Me" back in 2001. There was also a commercial where a little girl was singing the song and dancing with a cardboard cutout. It's completely mindless pop music, but they were definitely a bunch of cute girls. I like the readhead in particular because she looks like the quiet nerdy chick from science class that was probably really good at making out.

  11. The Eyeliners

  12. Hot sisters are always a plus. They aren't too well known as a band, but I remember seeing the front of their CD a couple of years back and their cuteness sticking in my mind. Très sexy.

  13. Bardeux

  14. Do I really need to make a commentary here? Let the photo speak for itself. These ladies are HOT. The only way a girl group could be hotter than Bardeux is if Acacia & Jaz each had an equally hot daughter and then they made a hi-nrg supergroup. *cough* Please?


Nasty G said...

Oh my, no WONDER we're friends! Great list! Perhaps I should do a Fem 2 Fem double post on my blog... ;)

circumspectionofthegods said...

That is Tairrie B in Bardeux...of My Ruin.