20 March 2008

"i'm in love with a german film star" || the passions || 1981

A gorgeous blend of soft rock & new wave rock. This song is perfect to play late on a summer afternoon, right as the sun is going down, but while the coals are still hot on your grill and before everybody's decided it's too dark to continue throwing a frisbee.

It glows. I swear it to you, this song glows. It warms your skin and you feel as if you're immersed in a warm bubble bath.

This song gained The Passions one-hit wonder status in the UK, but the song didn't even get them that much attention in the US. It's from an album called 30,000 Feet Over China, and I wish I could say that there are other gems like this one on it, but there really aren't. The sound is pretty much consistent throughout; it all sounds like very early British new wave rock (and with good reason, because that's what it is), but the other tracks just don't give me warm fuzzies the way "German Film Star" does.

I wanted to save this one for a nice summer evening in a couple of months, but I figured I'd plant the seed in your heads now. Don't worry, when it comes time to spin this one in July, I'll be here to remind you.

Listen to it here.

Available On:
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