14 June 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 79. aberfeldy - "summer's gone"

The sound of "twee" is somewhere between indie rock, indie pop, and emo. It's not angry at all, but the lyrics are generally morose -- often whispered as a stilted suggestion rather than belted triumphantly in defiance.

Young Forever was Aberfeldy's debut album, recorded in a studio in Edinburgh apparently with just one microphone. They were dropped by their label after the second album's release three years later, and released a third in 2010 without much fanfare.

This is their standout track to me not just because it's a shining example of twee, but because it's relatable in its simplicity. "I can't wait anymore for you," they sing to an unrequited lover, but you can almost hear the instant regret.

Where's the line? Is there such a thing as too much effort put toward someone you're in love with? You can tell that the singer probably has no answers to these questions, and they plan to continue in their holding pattern.