28 June 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 76. peaches - "set it off"

Electroclash music was just the best. It was kind of an extension of late-'80s industrial music, but fused with modern indie rock composition and Bush-era bleakness. We knew it would have a short lifespan, but damn was it fun while it lasted.

Peaches was probably the first face of electroclash. She(?) was an absolute expert in performance art and using her medium to challenge societal norms and conventional wisdom in meaningful ways. My favorite of all her stunts was her growing her very own beard for her second album, Fatherfucker.

This was the first Peaches song I ever heard, which was probably a big part of it being the one that made this list. I do think, though, that it typifies her sound and her attitude and is a great introduction if you've never heard her music (though most of her fans would probably direct you to the more well known "Fuck The Pain Away."

I'll link the music video for this track as well, but I didn't share it in the big window below because I think the album mix (which is posted below) is far, far better.