28 August 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 66. the epoxies - "everything looks beautiful on video"

The Epoxies took new wave rock and performed it with modern punk sensibilities. They released two albums of consistently clever candy-coated guitar riffs and Roxy Epoxy's husky-yet-humble vocals.

This cut has always been my fav, because it came out around the time that I solidified my career path decision to work in live TV, and it became somewhat of an anthem to me. To the band and all other listeners, though, it's a song about how pictures and video give us a tool to be whoever we want to be, despite how inadequate we may feel in person.

Some time after this album's release, I saw on Roxy's MySpace (lol) that she was doing a show on a college radio station in Portland. I Googled and called up their request line, and to my surprise, she answered, and I got to tell her that I was playing her music on my college station. How cool is that?

The Epoxies - Everything Looks Beautiful On Video by hillslink