02 September 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 65. my chemical romance - "cancer"

Pulling off a concept album geared toward teenagers in 2006 is an accomplishment that needn't be overlooked. I was 20 when this album was released, and would never have even considered listening to it were it not for the encouragement of a couple of friends about four years after its release. Granted, I was a bit more closed-minded about the music I listened to then and was quick to judge, but the band's aesthetic and reputation had nothing to do with it; they simply weren't on my radar. I had long ago written them off as emo kid stuff, and that wasn't my thing.

The album follows a character known only as "The Patient" through the last bit of his life, his death, and his crossover to whatever happens after death. It's dramatic, it's sad, and it's a bit kitchy in places, but it's incredibly well written and can touch your heart even if you aren't a 2000s teenager.

This track takes place in the moments before The Patient's death. He has already accepted his fate and is now coping with the sadness of leaving those he loves behind and the deterioration of his body. In the context of this album, it's a piece in a big, dramatic puzzle, but taken as a solitary work, this song can be extremely comforting to anyone who's had to watch someone they love suffer from a terminal illness. It can help you see things from their perspective and understand their real pain.