10 September 2016

top 100 of the '00s | 63. toadies - "song i hate"

I have done no scientific data collection to back up this statement but roughly 99.8% of songs are breakup songs. The first song ever written was probably a breakup song. Some caveperson probably went back to their little cave home, feeling all brokenhearted and confused and tenderfooted (they didn't have shoes) and let it all out by banging rocks together and wailing into the night sky, and they rhymed "you" with "do."

However, as recently as 2008, people are still finding creative new ways to write them, presumably because people are still breaking up, and they have to do something with those feelings, so here we are.

I love the idea of an ex being an obnoxious earworm. It's a fair parallel: Something that you loved the first time you encountered it, but it betrayed you, or was too annoying, or made you feel things you didn't want to feel, so it had to leave your life. But you can't quit thinking about it, because the parts that you liked are still infesting the corners of your brain.

I'm in a weird mood today. This is a great song. Thanks for this one, Toadies. You rock.