25 November 2007

"new york / n.y." || nina hagen || 1983

Warning: Today's track is not for the faint of heart.

German art-rock princess Nina Hagen looks like she's insane. In fact, she probably is insane. But it doesn't matter; bitch pulls it off.

After messing around with some German punk bands in the 70's and a brief struggle with the German border patrol (read about it...it's interesting), Nina finally split off on her own and release her first album, Angstlos (english: Fearless), in 1983.

She had a breakout alt-radio hit with "New York, New York," -- a track consisting of simple synth-pop music and screechy, screaming, operatic vocals. You might be frightened the first time you hear it, but one thing is certain: You know damn well that Nina loves New York.

Listen to it here.


Laura said...

This song is fun as hell.

However, this woman is why I will NEVER be a lesbian.

rock is dead said...

There are some pretty amazing live performances of this song circulating on the internet.

beketaten said...

WTF, Laura! Nina Hagen is hot as hell.
Secretly...You'd love to have a "honeymoon in a hotel room" with her! :P