28 November 2007

"the homecoming queen's got a gun" || julie brown || 1984

Before she played Candy in Earth Girls Are Easy or the gym teacher in clueless, comedienne Julie Brown recorded a couple of records in the early 80's. The result: Hilarity, and having Julie's undeniable valley-girl personality pressed on vinyl.

"Homecoming Queen" was the first of Julie's songs that got her any attention, mostly thanks to it being played on novelty & college radio. It first appeared on a mini-album that she recorded for Rhino Records in 1984 entitled Goddess In Progress.

The song recounts a fateful homecoming eve at a very doomed high school. Debbie, the singer's best friend, suddenly becomes disgruntled (for reasons that are never disclosed), and begins to blow her classmates away with a pistol as she stands on the homecoming float. And, of course, at the end of the song, she has an epic, old-western-style death scene.

Only Julie Brown could have the vision to make school shootings funny.

Of course, this was pre-school-shooting era, so I'm quite certain that if this song were written and released today, FOX News would be up in arms about it. Thankfully, it was written at the right time, and everyone can look at it with the same chuckle.

Listen to it here. (The uncensored version!)


Laura said...

Amazing track. Seriously, I love it. If I ever became homecoming queen, you know I'd have an AK.

Anneke said...

Good for people to know.