12 February 2008

"nite and day" || al b. sure! || 1988

A bit of soulful New Jack Swing to fill up this rainy Tuesday morning.

Ah, Al B. Sure. What a ridiculously high voice this guy had! Doesn't matter a bit though, since he totally rocks it.

This is the sort of song that makes you want to cuddle up next to a beautiful lady and slow dance, but not too slowly.

I love hearing soulful singers like Al go on about the ladies of their affections. They do so in a way that's definitely romantic, but also manages to be provocative and even at times aggressive (but not in a bad way). Guys like Al almost sound like it pains them to sing about a beautiful woman; in fact, the more in love with her they are the more pain you hear in their voice. This amuses me so because it's not even an unhappy breakup song, just a goofy love track, but he sings it like a painful breakup song.

Soul singers abound making music like this in the late '80s and early '90s, and while New Jack Swing is just all kinds of awesome, few singers achieved Al's level of coolness. Al and his flattop were suave.

Listen to it here.


Heather said...

Man I wish I could give this a listen but I'm up at the desk in Helm!

I'll have to do a post on the 90s, thanks for the idea!

Blog love!

mikevan said...

I just knew that my ill-fated attempt at blogging had failed to see anyone's eyes but mine, so I stopped after 2 days, but tonight I signed on to see two comments.

Alas, this shall promt a "Things I Thought Today" resurgence, and linking to shall be reciprocted, comrade.