10 February 2008

"serious" || donna allen || 1986

Sunday comes, and I bring the funk.

Donna Allen is a tiny little woman with a lot of hair and a voice from heaven. I love the way she thrashes herself around in the video clip for this song, because it just furthers the image that I have already of defiance. The familiar subject matter in the lyrics suggests that Donna is through taking crap from a man who may or may not be faithful to her. Now, while I realize that this isn't the pinnacle of originality, I also realize that if we were to focus on this song's lyrics we'd be missing the point.

The bass line in this song is delicious enough to bring tears to my eyes. It actually makes my mouth water if I listen to it loud enough. I also love the male backing vocalist's raps; they're the type that you can hear once and remember the words forever. This song also employs a vocoder, which, as we all know, takes awesomeness to a whole new level in any song.

Not much depth to this one, it's just a brilliant dance song. Enjoy!

Listen to it here.