22 January 2008

"bad, bad boys" || midi, maxi & efti || 1992

Part two of today's double-shot of ragga hip hop.

Midi, Maxi & Efti are three soul sisters from Sweden. Well, they're as soulful as Swedes can be, I suppose.

This song is really bouncy and groovy (yes, I think that word applies here), but goodness, they sound like they need a shot of espresso. They don't even look excited in the video clip! Hey, I'm not pointing any fingers, but if I got signed to Columbia Records to release a goofy song about "bad boys," not to mention having said song appear in a movie with Christian Slater & Marisa Tomei (Untamed Heart -- worth a watch), I'd probably be a little more excited than these chicks appear to be.

The thing that drew me in about this track were the lines that go "just be positive, don't be negative." They made me smile.

Listen to it here.