06 January 2008

"overdose" || tomcraft || 2001

Back in the later 80's, ravers had acid house music to listen to at their parties. This same crowd still exists today, but most of them seem to listen to trance. Trance music has a massive following all over the world. Trance DJ's (and listeners too) seem to have been quite successful in creating a subculture that surrounds their hypnotic tunes.

I'll be honest though; the stuff doesn't do a lot for me. I find it machinist and repetitive, which, from what I can tell, are the same qualities that trance fans adore about this music.

It's hard to say why this one trance tune struck a chord with me, when no others have ever been able to. It's sexy. It's macabre. It also tells the story of a girl who suffers a fate that's probably due to a lot of people who live this trance lifestyle. It's an amusing thought that people hear this song in clubs and more than likely don't take its story to heart. They just keep moving their bodies to the trance groove, dancing the night away.

There's something sickeningly pleasing about a song that warns of the dangers of a certain lifestyle while providing its soundtrack at the same time.

Listen to it here.