26 January 2008

"spacehead" || the primitives || 1988

The Primitives' 1988 album Lovely is one of music's finest examples of indie rock. It's perky, definitely has a punk influence, and is glorious in its ability to be sung-along with. The lyrics are also very well constructed, which is a staple of indie rock.

It's probably safe to say that many Americans recognize the song "Crash" from the Lovely LP thanks to the film Dumb & Dumber. "Crash" is, to me, one of the most perfect songs ever written, so I'm saving my rantings about it for another post. My point in bringing it up here is to assure you that you're more than likely familiar with this group, even if their name doesn't strike a chord right away.

"Spacehead" is the only song I've ever heard that I thought might be about me. I hear people say that sort of thing all the time (usually they're intoxicated), and I just roll my eyes, because usually the song doesn't apply to them at all. After I heard this track, though, I stopped the eye rolling. The song is about a guy who walks around singing to himself, and who is seen by the singer as someone whose head is, quite literally, up in the clouds. Aside from the fact that the guy in this song lives in a van, I'd say we have a winner here.

The Primitives are great because their guitars are spry, as are Tracey Tracey's vocals. Incidentally, she also pulls off a really cool pseudo-Marilyn look on this album.

This album isn't one that you pick up if you see in a bargain bin. This is an album that you track down purposefully and purchase, because anyone who loves rock music needs it in their library.

Listen to it here.