07 January 2008

"murder on the dancefloor" || sophie ellis-bextor || 2002

Here's another modern club track that I'm certain will become a classic.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor weaves a tell of felony and flamenco over a creamy house groove with a disco overtone. How cool is that? I mean, disco is so dated, but when you mix it with house music (which some would argue is dated too), it masks it enough to make you forget that you're listening to disco. And life is groovy again.

So rarely do I agree when I hear people refer to things as "groovy." Especially when those "things" are hemp necklaces, Henna tattoos, Phish albums or anything with a mushroom on it. (OK, I have no idea where that came from or its relevance to today's track, but you get the point.)

This song IS, in fact, "groovy." It's a groove. It makes you feel groovy, and even if you don't know what it means to groove, or if your definition of grooving differs from another person's, it doesn't matter as you can both groove to this song.

The video is hilarious, which is just icing on the groovy cake.

Listen to it here.