03 January 2008

"goodtime romeo" || price jones || 1985

I stumbled across this song completely by accident, and it turned out to be one of the coolest results from any accident I've experienced. I found the 7" single of it while cleaning up around the stereo shop where I work, and threw it on a console I was testing just to hear some music. I fell in love with the song and asked my boss if I could take it home to make some MP3s. Within a week or so, I offered her two bucks for it, and Price Jones was mine.

I can't really explain why this song has such a hold on me, but it definitely does. It's a blues song, but it's still got a deliciously electronic undertone that makes me tingly. I also appreciate the fact that it probably sounded exactly the same when played live as it does on this record.

And, yes, I'll go ahead and say it: It would make an awesome stripper song.

This is one of the many singers I that listen to that I know virtually nothing about. I know that she didn't fade into obscurity after this single was released, as I have a full album of hers from 1993 called Oooz N Oz. It's much more traditional in its performance of the blues than this record, which to me doesn't make it quite as special.

Jones is a talented songwriter, though, and it's a shame that I can't even locate an album that "Goodtime Romeo" was on. Nevertheless, the single lives on, and it continues to make me smile.

Listen to it here.