23 January 2008

"everywhere" || cranes || 1993

A friend of mine inspired today's post by bringing up Shoegazer music in conversation earlier today.

For those who don't know, Shoegaze is an interesting little blend of ethereal rock, indie rock, and mellow, droning vocals. My friend referred to it as a musical release of "burning teenage angst."

OK, so that could probably describe a lot of indie rock. But seriously, this stuff is something different. It hit its peak in the early 1990's, right before grunge and alternative rock took over the college mainstream. The sound is very early '90s, which is pleasant for anyone my age, as well know that those sounds can easily bring to mind childhood memories.

Cranes got attention when they toured with The Cure back in 1992. That's really all I know about them. The singer has an extremely juvenile quality to her voice, which adds an unusual element to the Shoegazer style.

One final note: Fans of this group are very insistent that the name is simply "Cranes." No "the"!

Listen to it here.