29 January 2008

"boom swagger boom" || murder city devils || 1996

Even though we're way past the punk rock era, the genre still, to this day, continues to forward itself in ways that are often exciting (even if they aren't always new). Since the late 1970s, punk has existed in the rock scene in some form or another. It's a genre that simply will never die.

Why? Simple. Because youth will always have something to be pissed off or excited about.

The Murder City Devils are one of the many, many, many youthful punk bands that emerged onto the scene, made some noise, then disappeared. It's almost textbook, really. They did make some fun music, though, so that's why they're here today.

"Boom Swagger Boom" sounds like it came from a '50s themed Broadway musical that was written by a demon of some kind. It sounds like a song that zombies would have some sort of co-ordinated dance to before they munch your fucking head in.

A staple for Halloween mixtapes.

Listen to it here.


Jason said...

That's one of the best descriptions of "Boom Swagger Boom" I've ever read! Awesome.

You could call me a bit of an MCD fan, I collect their vinyl and merch, I have a website with a ton of info and pics at http://www.murdercityvinyl.com