02 January 2008

"chelsea" || stefy || 2006

Why was this not a bigger hit? Am I missing something here?

We have all the makings of pop perfection:

  • Easy-to-sing-along-with vocals
  • Memorable synthesizer hook
  • Relatable subject matter (bitch stole my man)
  • Goofy outfits
  • Hot lead singer chick
  • Adam West in the music video

What more does America's youth WANT?

People, this is how pop music SHOULD be. This group has nothing to hide. There is no image. There's no pretense. They're making music, and they're having fun doing it. They were even ballsy enough to make their first album a concept album! Sure, the concept is just a color, but it's getting a tip of my hat!

Okay, I'll admit it, they completely lose me with the song "Orange County," but that's probably because I'm not a rich white kid from Orange County. Hey, the rest of the record freaking rocks. "Hey School Boy" was definitely a perfect follow-up to this one.

"Chelsea" will make you dance right from its opening measures, probably thanks to the sample of the bassline from Eurythmics' "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)." Crank it up...they're about to be your new favorite flavor of the month.

Listen to it here.