02 January 2008

"shake the house" || misa || 1990

Just a few entries back I promise more hip-house music in future writings. This evening I'm cashing in that promise.

This song is everything that hip-house should be: It's lighthearted, the vocals are crisp, the hook is memorable, and the bass is so intense it could literally carry out the promise implied in the song's title.

Misa seems at first glance like a harbinger to Icy Blu (who would show up the next year), but she's got something that Icy doesn't: more than one or two other good tracks. As far as I know, Misa never cracked the charts with anything but this song, but I must say that with the right exposure, she damn well could have. This won't be the first time we hear from Misa in this blog, as I'd like to spotlight at least one other song on her album.

Today, though, we shake the house. If you loved anything about the early 90's, then you will love this song. And you'll probably end up like I have, with it landed somewhere in your top five most played songs in iTunes.

Listen to it here.


Unknown said...

um, love the new layout!

ROR so did well in finding us.